About us.
Jennifer Bunsa Design Studio (JBDS) is a design firm with offices in Brooklyn, New York and Miami, Florida. We focus on architectural, interior and furniture design with a commitment to natural materials and expert craftsmanship. Our primary goal is to create beautiful and meaningful spaces through the use of light, form, material and color. At JBDS every design idea considers spatial relationships, with each decision based on understanding how a space will be occupied and experienced. We believe furnishings are vital components in completing the space as a whole. With that in mind, each piece of furniture we design is intended to be an extension of its architectural surroundings. JBDS has already completed a diverse range of projects including residential, retail and office spaces as well as restaurants, showrooms and galleries. We are excited by the prospect of new challenges and approach each project with a fresh vision tailored to the unique circumstances of the space. We are constantly searching for new ideas in products, practice and technology but refuse to follow trends. JBDS delivers timeless, modern design that sets a scene and creates a distinct sense of place. Jennifer Bunsa has a Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida (2001), and a Masters in Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design (2006). She worked for several years in New York City at Rogers Marvel Architects in Tribeca prior to starting her own design studio.